David Andrés (Alicante, 1986) is an architect, interactive designer and visual artist.

During his Architecture studies at the University of Alicante he develops interest in cumputer programming and digital technologies applied to cartography, parametric design and data translation into geometrical systems. He has collaborated in projects like “Mapping Gaza”, awarded in the architecture festival “eme3” 2009 or the project “Fresh Kills: radiography of a ciborg landscape”, awarded with the 2nd prize in the 4th Advanced Architecture Contest organized by the IAAC. His Fnal Degree Project “From the parametric to the picturesque”, a research about the generation of artificial landscapes though computer languages, was awarded with the qualification of Honor’s Registration. In 2013 he participates as guest teacher in the Architectural Projects workshop in the University of Alicante.

Currently, he combines collaborations in architectural projects with web development and interactive visuals programming. In 2015 he starts a number of projects along María García Jiménez that combine dance, music and visuals reactive to sound and movement such as “Dédalo”, show invited to the Berklee Valencia event “Innovation ¡En Vivo! Spring 2015” and “Fábula”, show composed of seven pieces premiered at L’Escorxador Cultural Center in Elche. He also collaborates as visual artist with the experimental music project Miclono, based in Alicante.

con el grupo de experimentación sonora afincado en Alicante Miclono.


CONTACT:  david@dodedata.com